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I’m Sorry.

I just can’t go on tumblr anymore. There’re too many ups and downs in my life that I got confused with my priorities.

I’m probably just being really emotional right now but it’s hard to keep up a happy, postive facade when you’re being pushed down to the core. I’m not good at faking my feelings. I say things that I want to say and I think that’s probably the biggest fault for my downfall.

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My life so far

And in case you haven’t noticed, yes, I am on an indefinite hiatus. I don’t know when will I get the internet back in the house. Sorry about that.

Some of you may be interested on what I’ve been doing off tumblr. With that in mind, I decided to create this post.

Basically, my work has taken a lot of my time. Most days, I chose to do something else over tumblr.

I admit, I am stressed out most of time but I’m finally able to afford the stuffs that I’ve been meaning to own, ps3, videogames and a smartphone. In order to gain them, however, a sacrifice must be made and that sacrifice is home line wi fi. (Actually mum refused to pay the internet because my younger brother keeps using up all the quota and in order to teach him a lesson, everyone else must suffer)

The good side of owning a smartphone is that I’m more active on twitter and instagram like never before lol. Unfortunately, tumblr is not in the list. Because I prefer to use laptop for tumblr.

Anyways, I guess it would be awesome if you want to follow me on the aforementioned two sites.

My username on twitter is @cheeriosuereya
I rant about my life in two languages but this is the place to talk to me and expect an immediate responses

My username on instagram is suesuereya.
This is something close to what I’ll post on Tumblr.


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