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Just wanted to leave this here.

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Not sure if anyone even checks here anymore but figure I should just give it a shot.

I’m thinking of leaving this Tumblr account for good and maybe, start a new one; all fresh and new. I’m not sure when will that happen but it’s in my mind for almost a year now. As of now, I’m pretty occupied with a lot of things right now (Eh, you know the usual 20-something stuffs), so maybe next year?

The new account will probably be something like a portfolio of my works. It’ll consists of sketches (both fanart and original ones), graphics, photography and video productions. I don’t think I’ll be doing fandom blogs here anymore. Especially K-pop. Haha. But a sideblog for video game fandoms? Hmm, maybe :)

But yeah. I’m still contemplating on whether or not I should delete this account because there are a lot of bitter stuffs here that I sure could do without but there are also some good memories that I still treasures dearly up until now (Come on, you know who you are. Even though we don’t talk anymore.)

I’m gonna try to clear up whatever things that I still owe here and after that…well, we’ll see. 

I genuinely hope you’ll have better days!

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I’m Sorry.

I just can’t go on tumblr anymore. There’re too many ups and downs in my life that I got confused with my priorities.

I’m probably just being really emotional right now but it’s hard to keep up a happy, postive facade when you’re being pushed down to the core. I’m not good at faking my feelings. I say things that I want to say and I think that’s probably the biggest fault for my downfall.

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